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Interactive One

Interactive One is a huge online community serving over 8 million users every month. The overall Interactive One network include several sites, including NewsOne, TheUrbanDaily, HelloBeautiful, Giant, Elev8, and Radio One. Simpler Computing joined Interactive One’s existing team of developers, along with numerous other contract developers, to help evolve the array of sites to support the...
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Pioneer Woman

Ree Drummand is famous in her own right. She’s runs the hugely popular Pioneer Woman site – including her hugely popular Tasty Kitchen , complete with an ever growing social network based on WordPress and BuddyPress. When hackers broke into her site, that spelled bad news! She called on Simpler Computing and we kicked the hackers out fast and locked down her site. Later, we consulted...
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BigDoor Quick Gamification

The BigDoor Quick Gamification plugin allows WordPress site operators to easily enable a layer of game mechanics for the users of the site. Users gain points by posting comments and by checking in to your site. The check-in process involves logging in and clicking a “Check In” button – this helps to bring users back to your site frequently, which helps you to build traffic and...
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Crowdfunding for WordPress

We’ve just completed an entire crowdfunding platform for WordPress that has the same functionality as Kickstarter and IndieGogo all rolled into one! Woohoo!
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Buddypress – Remove Friendship Notices

If you’re using Buddypress then you might know that when users become friends a notice is posted to their activity streams. In some cases you might not want that information to appear. We created a plugin that prevents those notices from being posted. Using it is extremely simple: Unzip the zip file, copy the PHP file to your plugins directory, and active it in the admin panel. That’s...
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Simple Buddypress Profile Privacy

BuddyPress is a cool platform – the latest version as of this writing is v1.2.2.1. Cool as it is, it’s still missing some features that a lot of people think are mandatory. For example, there are no privacy settings for user profile information. So anything you put in your profile will be viewable by everyone. And that’s not always a good thing. Sandra Petronic wrote a nice...
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